Palm Beach County Florida Homes

Phyllis's Rolodex

The following numbers are for your convenience only.  I do NOT receive any compensation for supplying you this information.  Please feel free to consult the yellow pages as well.

Air Conditioning

Sea Breeze Air Systems - Nancy Cook                                      561-964-3817


Palm Beach International Airport                                               561-471-7400

Amtrack                                                                              561-832-6169


Jason Basch, Landmark Real Estate Solutions, Appraisers,              561-853-2129

Dan Morden, SRA, Landmark Real Estate Solutions, Appraisers,        561-853-2129

Earl Caltron, SRA, The Appraisal Office, Inc.                                 954-755-3366

Bellsouth Telephone                                         561-780-2355/888-757-6500

Boynton Beach Town Hall                                                      561-742-6000

Cable                                                                                                       561-478-8300

Car Registration:

Delray Beach                                                                          561-930-7922

Chambers of Commerce:

Boynton Beach                                                                       561-732-9501

Lake Worth                                                                            561-329-2736


Dr. Ian Shtulman  (Shtulman Family Chiropractic)                            561-275-2525

Dr. Pierre Tallerie

Cleaning Service

Lesy Cleaning Service                                                             561-436-8516

Two Girls and a Bucket, LLC                                                     561-951-6430

Creative Memories (Scrapbooking)

Adriana Mederos                                                                    561-271-1107


MPS Computers, LLC                                                              561-859-4641


Klein, Begnoche et al                                                               561-737-1600  

Drs. John and Ted Ritota, Implants & Cosmetic                            561-272-6664


Elections Office                                                                    561-656-6200

Florida Power & Light for Palm Beach County                             561-697-8000

Florida Power & Light for Broward County                                     954-797-5000

Garbage Information - Waste Management                                    561-547-4000

 Pick up days                                                                         561-742-6200

Hair Bows, Headbands

Ladybug Bows, Louis Duteau                                                    561-477-8706


Before You Buy - Gene Raffa                                                    561-662-8220


Kelly Carson                                                                          561-239-5284


Premier Designs - Becky Miller                                                   954-249-8978

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry - Chantee Russell Auglar                     561-713-9534

Mary Kay

Louise  Duteau                                                                         561-477-8706

Mortgage Brokers:

Rob Manweiller, Mortgage Broker                                                 561-716-7220

John Venne, Mortgage Broker                                                     561-436-3708


Boynton Times                                                                         800-275-8820


Phyllis A. Friedman                                           561-441-8968

Pampered Chef

Barbara Maynard                                                                     561-542-1901

Pest Control

Mr. Carl's Pest Control                                                               561-736-9536

Pool Service

WG Pools                                                                                954-8062852

Promotional Materials

Sheryl Wilks-Wides (Promo-Girl)                                                   561-498-5541

Realtor, Phyllis A. Friedman                             561-441-8968 


S & W Roofing - Metal Roof Experts, Wayne Romanski,                     561-649-5010

School District                                                                        561-434-8000

School Boundaries                                                                  561-434-8100

Simply Said

Becky Miller                                                                             954-249-8978

Social Service Office                                                               561-355-4746

Tax Consultant:

William B. Anderson                                                                   561-967-7572


Joann Di Lorenzo                                                                      561-731-1758 

Voter Registration                                                                  561-355-2650


Lisa Ritota - Window Treatment, Upholstery, Bedding, Etc.              561-289-9241

Water Utilities 

Palm Beach County - West of Military Trail                                     561-740-4600

Palm Beach County - Boca/Delray                                                561-482-0800

City of West Palm Beach                                                            561-659-8080

City of Delray Beach - East of I-95                                              561-243-7100

Lantana                                                                                  561-540-5000

City of Boca Raton                                                                   561-393-7750

Broward County                                                                       954-753-0380


Phyllis A. Friedman
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